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We create

  • Sustainable Social Enterprises

  • Strong partnerships

  • Skills training and employment

.... and then we fill the gap with powerful marketing


Our Mission

We exist to put an end to the suffering caused by poverty and social injustice.   Our mission is to create workable and sustainable structures so that marginalised communities have the freedom to create secure, satisfying and productive lives of their own making.     

What We've Achieved 

Sarangi Veg Restaurant -

  • We have created a truly successful community based restaurant in the tourist district of Thamel in Kathmandu, Nepal. This was against overwhelming odds including a major earthquake in 2015 which was followed by a five month fuel blockade. 
  • We have been consistently rated in the top 10 out of 735 restaurants on TripAdvisor since mid 2017.
  • We have provided funding for 3 restaurant staff to attend hospitality training school.
  • We have created 8 full time jobs through our restaurant enterprise.

Sarangi Chef Clothing-

  • We have created a chef clothing social enterprise with a growing number of prestigious clients in Kathmandu which include Hyatt Regency Hotel, Annapurna Hotel and Gate College.  And in doing so have created employment for five families. 
  • We have created powerful partnerships with large and small organisations in Nepal and Australia.  Our aim is to fill the marketing gap, the biggest obstacle for many Nepali social enterprises. 
  • We support our partners by selling their products through our restaurant at no commission.